Concrete mixer operation precautions

1. The mass of material (including water) added each time must not exceed the following values: JS500 type is 1225kg
2. After the material is discharged, the discharge door can be raised only after it is closed. The
3. The order of feeding the hoppers should be: sand, cement, stones or stones, cement, and sand.
4. At the same time as feeding, add water to reduce mixing time and reduce dust flying.
5. After the belt conveyor starts, no one is allowed to stay under the belt.
6. It is forbidden for non-native drivers to operate the handle and buttons at will. attention to electrical safety, to prevent electrical components, wires damp and damage.
8. If the machine stops during the mixing process for any reason, use the manual and manual unloading equipment to immediately discharge 50% of the material, and check the cause before starting to use it.
9. in the course of operation, shall not be overhauled.
10. When the warning light is on, the left upper limit switch is inoperative and should be promptly replaced or repaired.
11. Do not run the pump under anhydrous conditions, otherwise it will damage the mechanical seal.

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