Concrete Mixer Repair Specification

  1. Pneumatic system: air compressor crankcase oil level height in tank indication range, each valve cylinder action quick, effective line and outlet shall not leak, the water in the oil-water separator and the air tank to drain, daily oil atomizer have enough oil.js750
  2. Waterway system: water valve to switch is good, if there is any fault in a timely manner to eliminate.
  3. Transmission system: v belt andchain slack degrees, coupling interval requirements to normal.
  4. Mixing system: mixing blade, door plate, plate, the stirring arm is missing or damage, if there is a left in the mixer, you have to clean up in time.
  5. Lubrication system: each nozzlewith full grease; to check the oil level height and add grease.
  6. The foot screws, double-headed screw andstrong bolt shall not lack.
  7. Clean sanitary control center, mixer platform, staircase and ground.

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