Concrete Mixing Plant Operating Conditions

Zhengzhou Camelway Machinery manufacture is one of the large-scale enterprise specializing in construction machinery. The company has won many other honorary titles. Camelway Machinery will tell you some operation conditions of concrete mixing plant.

First, check before use: press the switch before power transmission, and then close the knife to check the operation is sensitive or not. To check the sensation, a drum, dial the material stick.  To check the wire rope on the reel wound status; To keep the gangue lifters normal. If there are some things wrong, tell electromechanical team to repair. To deal with it before use.cocrete mixer

Second, the material can not be too much. According to the proportion of materials, pay attention to water-cement ratio. Stir well. The stirring time shall not be less than one minute at a time. The marinated normal concrete should be very thick gruel.

Third, fix hand boot and drivers should be familiar with the principles of each operating system. If you found fault, immediately stop viewing.

Fourth, to protect the cable to avoid damage.

Fifth, the mixer should be leveled, people can not stand under the hopper mixer to prevent the next funnel trounced wounding.

Sixth, you should regularly (every twenty minutes)start the mixer during the period of temporarily stopping rail, to avoid solidification of concrete or concrete poured into the drum, the drum water erosion.

Seventh, after completion of concrete irrigation, water should be promptly mortar and machine outer drum scouring finishing clean.

Finally, carefully implement the guidelines, and shift the work machine operating conditions and precautions clearly.

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