Concrete mixing station before starting the 9 check

Camelway machinery, a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, sums up whether the following key inspection items meet the requirements before the operation of the main machine of the concrete mixing plant according to years of experience in the production and sale of the concrete mixing plant:
1, the power supply voltage rise and fall rugged does not exceed 5 % of the rating;
2, motor and electrical components of the wiring, maintenance zero or grounding resistance in accordance with the provisions;
3, the transmission arrangement, operation equipment, brake fastening is reliable, such as open gear, pulley, etc. have protective cover;
4, gearbox oil, oil content in accordance with the provisions.
5, should first launch mixer no-load operation. It shall be confessed that the direction of rotation of the mixing drum or blade is common to the direction indicated by the arrow on the drum. For rotary discharge mixer, should make the mixing drum is, rotary operation for a few minutes, and should be no shock vibration scene and abnormal noise.
6, hopper progress test should be carried out, should query and confessed clutch, brake loose reliable.
7, should check and correct the indicated water supply system and the actual water commonality; When the error exceeds 2 %.
8, should check the pipeline leakage point, or throttle valve should be corrected.
9, should check the aggregate specification and should be consistent with the mixer function, beyond the promised planning shall not be used.
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