Concrete Mixing Station Construction Environmental Requirements

Zhengzhou CamelWay concrete mixing plant factory introduces us to stand in what kind of environment in construction. In accordance with the normal condition, concrete structural working environment should be at the end of the spring and the relatively high temperature season for construction. The minimum temperature of the day should be above 5 ℃ in the period of construction.concrete mixing plant

If in frigid area, it should be before the arrival of the first time freeze half a month to complete within a month. Construction of concrete in the dry season, especially when soil structure, we should be particularly pay attention to temperature and climate change, prevent cement and mixture from rain erosion. Once rainfall ,we should immediately stop the construction and the paving mixture should be rolled as soon as possible. Mixing Method road construction, we should take measures to eliminate stagnant water under the ground and do not make the material shipped to the road too wet.

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