Concrete Mixing Station Cylinder Trouble Shooting

Concrete mixing station gas system failure occurred in the cylinder failure, what are the specific aspects?

(1) cylinder, external leakage, generally due to the installation of eccentric piston rod, lack of supply of lubricants, seals and seal ring wear or damage, the cylinder has impurities and piston rods caused by scars. Should be re-adjust the center of the piston rod position, need to regularly check the reliability of the oil mist, timely removal of impurities in the cylinder; piston rods on the scars should be new pieces.

(2) the cylinder output force is not enough and the action is not smooth, generally due to the piston or piston rod was stuck, poor lubrication, lack of gas supply, or cylinder condensate and impurities. Should adjust the center of the piston rod position; check the reliability of the operation of the oil mist; gas pipeline is blocked, should be promptly clear the cylinder condensate and impurities.

(3) poor cylinder cushioning effect, generally due to cushioning ring wear or adjust the screw damage, should replace the seal and adjust the screw.

(4) the piston rod and cylinder head is damaged, generally because the piston rod installation eccentricity or cushioning mechanism does not work, should promptly adjust the piston rod center position, if necessary, replace the buffer ring or adjust the screw.

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