Concrete Mixing Station Daily Management

The staff training:
Now the standard of construction engineering has a high level of automation, and different types of machines have different performance and operating norms, so there are higher requirements on staff. Companies need unity to train staffs, or staffs directly accept the training of equipment manufacturer, thus to improve the quality of the station staff, so that the mixing station management become more efficient.

concrete mixing plant

Mixing station operation management:

During the mixing station operation, the management includes environment protection and safety management. Mixing station working environment should be clean. Production tools, raw materials and finished products should be put orderly to make the traffic flow around the station.To ensure the principle and the finished product smooth transport.

Raw material and finished product management:

Mixing station for raw materials and finished product management mainly includes the measurement of raw materials and finished product. Different raw materials and finished products of the concrete measurement shall be based on the established pounds single, it must be based on the actual production of raw material and finished product. The wastage of the mixing station and transport vehicles should also compare with the standard consumption.


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