Concrete Mixing Station Equipment Maintenance

Zhengzhou Camelway Machinery manufacture is one of the large-scale enterprise specializing in construction machinery. The company was found in 1983. The company develops and produces concrete mixing station which will satisfy your different requirements. Then we will show you how to maintain the equipment.

First, check the turning point of the equipment and supply the lubricating oil.

Second, check Lubricating oil of the inner mixer.
Third, once a week to view the lubricator oil level and add oil in time.
Fourth, once a day, open the valve and discharge the water in the internal air compressor and air storage tank.
Fifth, check the bolt and nut is not loose, and tighten in a timely manner.concrete mixing station.

Sixth, check water supply, gas, additive systems and other devices are not normal.
Seventh, review the electrical control system and each instrument is not normal.
Eight, check the agitator of shaft mixer and simplified cleaning is not clean.

Ninth, regularly arrange and replace filter net of dust catcher in cement silo.

Tenth, regularly check the residual powder in the host gas piping, to prevent blocking.

Eleventh, downtime beyond a week or more, it is necessary to vent cement, water, additive and a variety of aggregate.

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