Concrete mixing station fault prevention

Concrete mixing station in the process of production, some of the most common fault analysis is as follows:

1) weighing is not allowed: there are several reasons for this problem, not a demolition of weighing system between frame and sensor protection; B, sensor drift error;C, damage of sensors.Solution to the concrete mixing station weighing no: demolition of fixed pieces, to re-mark, replace the sensor.

60m3batching plant

2) the conveyor belt running deviation, this kind of situation because of the Lord, passive axis is not parallel.Solutions, adjust the roof bolt tensioning frame.

3) don’t start: this kind of circumstance is because the voltage is too large, cable is fine.You just need to adjust the supply voltage to the specified requirements.

4) host discharging door wouldn’t open: discharging door and sealing plate there is foreign body between, materials piled up at the gate of mortar solidification.Just need to clear foreign body, eliminate cement mortar, end must be cleaned after each work.

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