Concrete Mixing Station Installation Sequence

First, install equipment mixing floor. Including main stirring and operating room. Stirring apparatus main building division to ascending order equipment main leg, stirring layer and layer metering. Hoisting installation measurement can be installed after the operating room. Specific operation we will provide equipment technical workers to operate.

Second, install ash cans.Ensure that ring welding of ash cans is firm to prevent accidents occurred in the process of hoisting.concrete mixing station1

Third, install inclined belt frame.Inclined belt frame is divided into four segments, 40 m long.The sequence followed by lifting, after lifting equipment belt and sticky belt.
The belt by the crane to electric drum, the belt under the free end from the bottom of the inclined belt, roller top end of the belt to the rack.The remaining belt along the belt machine down, with the chain, belt clip, adhesive belt.

Fourth, install screw conveyor. Specific process, the dedicated staffs will help customers and friends debug equipment.




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