Concrete mixing station to prevent concrete corrosion

1. adding mineral powder
Anti – corrosion mechanism: adding mineral powder can improve the compactness of cement slurry, so as to block the passage of corrosive medium, and then reach the intention of anti – corrosion.
2 effect process:
( 1 ) high strength obsidian glass powder contains a large number of nano particles, can block capillary pores, improve the compactness of concrete and then improve the waterproof function and corrosion resistance.
( 2 ) the high-strength obsidian glass powder is lubricated high-strength glassy particles, so that the uniformity of concrete can be greatly improved, the defect of thin structure of concrete can be reduced, the whole structural strength of finished products can be improved, free water wrapped by cement particles due to flocculation effect can be released, and the effects of flocculation removal and water consumption reduction can be achieved.
( 3 ) high strength obsidian glass powder can also attack chemical reaction with alkaline substances in the cement slurry, generate hydrated calcium silicate, hydrated calcium aluminate and other cementing substances, can block the capillary arrangement in the concrete, improve the waterproof function.
2. improve the construction technology
( 1 ) choose reasonable varieties of cement and steel
Manufacturing water conservancy projects, marine engineering concrete cement request corrosion resistance, frost resistance, low hydration heat. Should give priority to choose general portland cement or other corrosion resistant cement, and don’t choose fast hardening portland cement, etc. The active clink mixed with blast furnace slag, volcanic ash, fly ash, diatomite and that like can be use for preventing corrosive ions from permeating into the concrete.
The selection of stainless steel bars is a development trend in foreign countries. The price of this steel bar is ( 4 ~ 6 ) times that of ordinary carbon steel, but its long-term corrosion resistance is enough to offset the cost of previous investment. Regardless of the type of concrete and exposure, choose the reinforced concrete maintenance layer thickness can be reduced to 30 mm; Crack width promised to relax to 0.3 mm; There is no nee for silicon treatment of that stainless steel ribs.
( 2 )add cement dosage
Corrosion of reinforcement in concrete is due to the alkaline environment around the reinforcement no longer exists, maintenance environment is not seen. If the content of progress cement, alkaline environment will be added, carbonation make alkaline will need a longer time, and then make the reinforced by maintenance time also extended, added the durability of the concrete structure.
( 3 ) add the thickness of the concrete maintenance layer
Add the thickness of the concrete maintenance layer, make the capillary hole more and more not connected, all kinds of material invasion of difficulty increases, concrete carbonization reached the moment of reinforced appearance is greatly extended, and then reduce the steel corrosion and concrete corrosion may be.
( 4 ) choose lower water cement ratio
Using low water cement ratio and sufficient maintenance of concrete, reduce the number of capillary pores, make chloride intrusion and carbonation effect attack more difficult. Other in the process of concrete pouring, strengthen the vibrating of concrete, reduce the bubbles in the concrete, increase the compactness of concrete, reduce the space of concrete.

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