Concrete Mixing Station Work Content in Succession

Succession requirements : check the oil mist detector is not normal.

Check the reducer for leaks or ring. To ensure that the brake operation is flexible. Clean the slurry and dust of mixing plant. Timely clean mixing tank, concrete dust and oil to prevent concrete hard and keep it clean. Often view the wire rope wear, update when necessary. Check the arc, scale hopper and other equipment to keep flexible. Check mixer blade, lining board and adjust the gap between blade and the lining board on a regular basis, about 6 ㎜ value of the gap. And according to the condition of wear, to provide appropriate equipment. Inform staff carefully fill in the work record. To fully clean the blender residual, put all operating switch circuit position after downtime, and close the power switch. Maintenance require power, gas path and warning sign.    concrete mixing station3..

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