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Material conveying system of cement batch plant is composed of three parts.

The first material conveying system of cement batch plant: aggregate batching system. Nowadays, concrete batching plant adopts hoppers or conveyor to deliver aggregate. For hopper promoting aggregate, the advantages are small floor coverage and simple structure. For conveyor delivering aggregate, the advantages are long conveying distance, high efficiency, low failure rate. Belt conveyor is mainly applied in concrete batching plants where there is aggregate storage bins, so as to improve the productivity of the concrete mixing plant.
60batching plant
The second material conveying system of concrete batching plant: powder conveying system. Available powder materials of concrete are mainly cement, fly ash and mineral powder. At present, screw conveyor is commonly used to convey powder materials. Large concrete mixing plant would adopt pneumatic and scraper way to deliver power materials. Advantages of screw conveyor are simple structure, low cost, reliable use.

The third material conveying system of cement batch plant: liquid conveying system. Water and liquid admixtures are respectively transported by pump.
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