Cone crusher main structure and work notes

1. The main structure of the cone crusher is mainly composed of a frame, a fixed cone assembly, a movable cone assembly, a spring mechanism, a bowl-shaped shaft frame portion, and a transmission. Its auxiliary part consists of an electrical system, a thin oil lubrication system, and a hydraulic chamber system.
During work, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the V-belts, large pulleys, transmission shafts, small bevel gears, and large bevel gears. The broken cone shaft spins and swings under the urging of the eccentric shaft sleeve, making the wall surface crushing. Close to and sometimes leave the surface of the rolling crucible wall, so that the material in the annular crushing cavity composed of a fixed cone and a dynamic cone is constantly being impacted, squeezed and bent and broken. After many times of extrusion, impact and bending, the material is broken to the required particle size and discharged through the lower part.
2. Installation basis
(1) PY series high-efficiency spring cone crusher can be installed on the basis of solid reinforced concrete or steel frame. The depth of the user base can be determined based on the local soil conditions and environmental conditions.
(2) In order to avoid the accumulation of material after crushing, there must be enough space for the installation of transportation equipment on the lower plane of the foundation. The specific size of the user can be determined according to the supporting transport equipment.
(3) The foundation map provided is not a civil construction drawing. When the foundation is constructed, the design of the civil construction according to the foundation drawing is also performed.
(4) In order to prevent the foundation from being damaged, the shield must be covered at the upper part of the foundation. This part is prepared by the user.
(5) Location of the lubrication system and electrical operation. The user can change the location according to the specific environment of the factory, but the order cannot be changed.
3. The adjustment of the outlet
The crusher discharge port depends on the desired product size. In most cases, the adjustment sleeve is adjusted so that the opening between the crushing linings at the closed edge is slightly smaller than the particle size of the desired product, and the adjustment sleeve can be adjusted when the product size is changed. Adjustment sleeves can also be adjusted to compensate for the wear of the crushing wall and rolling wall.
The initial discharge port determined according to the desired product size is not necessarily the best discharge port for maximum production. This row ore generally depends on the characteristics of the broken material, the power consumption of the crusher motor or engine, or the working conditions of the support sleeve.
The crusher‘s discharge port changes with the adjustment sleeve moving up and down in the support sleeve. The adjustment sleeve descends when rotated clockwise, and the adjustment sleeve rises when it rotates counterclockwise. When the adjustment sleeve descends, the ore discharge decreases, and when the adjustment sleeve rises, the discharge opening increases.

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