Construction of spring cone crusher

The spring-type cone crusher has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low power consumption, uniform product particle size and suitable for crushing hard materials, etc. Therefore, it is still widely used in various countries in the world today, and it has been improved and used hydraulic devices, etc. Make it more perfect.
The spring type cone crusher has 2.5 times higher speed and 4 times larger swing angle than the gyratory crusher. In such a high-speed, large-stroke crushing process, the materials in the crushing chamber are not squeezed by moving cones, which are more invasive and have smaller strokes, as in the case of a gyratory crusher, but are subjected to rapid impact by a large stroke. This kind of impact crushing method is beneficial to the crushing of materials and therefore has high crushing efficiency.
Due to the high speed and large impact of the spring-type cone crusher, the material in the crushing chamber has 95% of its time falling along the conical surface. That is, at any instant, only 5% of the material is in a broken state. Since the material is in a sliding state 95% of the time, the throughput of the crushing chamber is large and the yield is high. Since only 5% of the material is in a broken state, that is, only 5% of the entire crushing chamber has ten broken materials, its power consumption is small. And, in the partial area of ​​the crushing chamber, a high pressure on the unit area of ​​the material is generated, and it is suitable for crushing hard ore. Because of its high speed, there is no parallel zone in the lower part of the crushing cavity to ensure that the material is crushed at least once in the line zone, so the product size of the spring cone crusher is uniform.
Spring cone crusher can be used for medium and fine crushing. The different point of the medium and fine broken spring type cone crusher is that the shape and size of the crushing cavity are different, and other structural principles are exactly the same. The spring type cone crusher produced in China can be divided into three types according to the shape of the crushing chamber: standard type (for medium breakage), medium size (for small and fine breakage), and short head type (for fine crushing). Its towel is the most widely used standard and short head type.

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