Cost analysis of batching plant

Through the analysis of the operation data of concrete batching plant companies in recent years, it can be seen that the material cost of the batching plant accounts for the highest proportion of operating expenses, with an average of approximately 64.55%; and the variable costs include: employees’ salaries, parts, and operating expenses. Other variable costs accounted for 18.82%.

First, raw material cost analysis:
By analyzing the raw material cost of concrete in the mixing station, the average level of concrete raw material costs at the mixing stations in each region can be approximately: 31.34% for cement, 9.94% for sand, 12.34% for stone, 10.92% for added materials, and 35.45% for other costs, totaling 64.55%. . Effective raw material cost reduction measures can play a crucial role in the operation of the batching plant. For example: the application of concrete mix ratio of new materials, mixing station itself ratio additives, adequate cash flow cash purchase raw materials, cash purchase price is generally lower than the credit sales 2% -5%.

Second, the variable cost analysis:
Through the analysis of other costs of the batching plant, it can roughly obtain the average cost of all other areas: 1.34% for parts consumption, 4.40% for oil consumption, 3.06% for labor wages, 0.68% for depreciation, and 5.76% for other direct costs. Tax revenue and additional 0.21%, net non-operating income 0.06%, operating expenses 1.05%, management expenses 2.44%, financial expenses 0.02%, total 18.82%. From the proportion of variable cost to unit price, we can draw: other direct costs for the batching plant. For example, the maximum proportion of fees for vehicle fees and hospitality expenses is 5.76%, plus equipment fuel costs, employee wages, and parts consumption costs, which account for about 15% of the single-party price; due to the low gross profit and scale operation of the concrete industry. The characteristics, therefore, fine management plays an important role in the profitability of the mixing station. The establishment of a standardized maintenance system for equipment and linking the wages of employees at various positions with the operating efficiency of the batching plant can effectively reduce the operating costs of the batching plant and increase the enthusiasm of employees.

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