Debugging Method of Compulsory Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixing plant of any component of the working conditions will affect the overall situation, there are many customer inquiries on the JS mandatory concrete mixer debugging to pay attention to what matters today Xiaobian this issue for the majority of customers to do a friend to answer.
1, to see the gear box and the smooth parts of the smooth oil can be enough.
2, see the motor and electrical components of the wiring can be reliable, the distribution box shell must be a reliable grounding. Power supply zero line is necessary to be delivered to the distribution box on the wiring board N, all pipelines should be properly placed to prevent the operation crushed into the formation of trouble.
3, start mixing motor, two axle rotation direction should be consistent with the direction of signs, such as the direction of the wrong, should change the power wiring.
4, closed unloading door, and then participate in the necessary hopper mixture, hopper hopper. Hopper should work smoothly and can be free to stop the trajectory of the arbitrary position. If there is a slip appearance, should first be put into the pit bottom, and then adjust the brake motor on the big nut.
5, launched discharge organization, unloading door opening and closing should be accurate in place. Start the pump hanging water, water supply system should work properly.

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