Difference between Roller Compacted Concrete Plant, rolled concrete mixing plant and RCC Mixing Plant

Roller compacted concrete (RCC) is made from similar components to ordinary concrete (including Portland cement, aggregates (gravel or gravel) and water), but consists of different proportions. RCC was first used to build dams. Over the years, roller compacted concrete (RCC) has been successfully used in the construction of industrial roads, such as log storage yards, military hard racks or container yards. In industrial applications, RCC has proven to be extremely competitive compared to high-performance asphalt pavements.

Production of roller compacted concrete plant
The production of RCC requires intense mixing to disperse the relatively small amount of water that is uniformly mixed throughout the matrix. We offer two types of RCC plants: continuous mixing plants and central mixed concrete batch plants. Roller Compacted Concrete Technology
In most cases, RCC is usually mixed into a continuous flow mixer, such as concrete for asphalt concrete construction. The main advantage of continuous mixers is their speed of production because they can produce 200 to 600 tons of RCC per hour.

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