Elkon batching plant 180 m3

The concrete batching plant is mainly composed of five major systems such as a mixing master, a material weighing system, a material conveying system, a material storage system, and a control system, and other auxiliary facilities.

The 180m3 concrete batching plant equipment produced by Elkon is based on the advantages and experience of similar products from home and abroad. It has developed a concrete mixing plant with the advanced level of similar domestic products.

Elkon 180m3 Concrete Mixing Plant is a fully automatic concrete mixing plant for aggregate, cement, fly ash, powder admixtures, water, liquid admixtures, etc. for storage, transportation, metering, mixing, etc. Mix concrete manufacturers. Our Elkon 180m3 concrete mixing plant mixing center adopts JS3000 twin-shaft forced concrete mixer, which has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, short mixing time, high production efficiency, even mixing of concrete and long service life.
Elkon 180m3 batching plant can store four kinds of aggregate at the same time, there are four aggregate hoppers, good grade aggregates are sent to the aggregate storage hopper on the roof via flat belt conveyor and inclined belt conveyor. The aggregate storage hopper can be stored. A can of well-measured aggregate. According to user needs, the powder batching system is equipped with two cement silos, two fly ash silos, and two liquid additive tanks. The two powders are sent to the weighing hopper by four screw conveyors respectively, and the dosage is equipped on the upper layer of the mixer. The well-measured material directly enters the mixer through the butterfly valve. The water and liquid admixtures are sent to the weighing hopper by pumps and corrosion-resistant chemical pumps. The well-weighed admixture is discharged into the water weigh hopper via the butterfly valve and the weighed water is weighed into the mixer through the unloading butterfly valve and the pressure pump. The 180m3 mixing plant is also equipped with a monitoring system to achieve centralized control and overall management of the entire equipment.

Elkon 180m3 batching plant uses the latest design ideas of electronic weighing, computer control, digital display and other control technologies, electronic weighing with a buffer device and automatic compensation function, high measurement accuracy. The gravel feeding system adopts a large-width herringbone feeding material to install the walk-in security inspection walkway according to demand. Numerous advantages make the HZS series 180 batching plant an ideal choice for commercial cement mixing plant companies to pursue high-quality concrete mixing equipment.

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