Equipment of mobile mixing plant

JS commonly used type forced mixer, Stir quickly complete mobility and dry concrete.
concrete mixer
A cantilever-shaped mixing console chassis, which includes the inner pin trailer tow truck parked legs; metering placed mixers, cement admixtures and water on said chassis; peripheral attached inspection walkway, railings, etc.
Aggregate system is located in the rear end of the whole station, the upper part of the aggregate (sand, stone) storage hopper, hopper can be divided into 2 or 4 cells, and set heightening plate to increase the storage capacity of the material, pneumatic door opening operation sequence, aggregate measurement of a variety of materials accumulated measurement methods. Bottom with frame legs after walking the bridge and at work.
The belt conveyor rack is connected to the host chassis and aggregate batching frame truss structure, built-in belt rack; make the main frame, belt racks, ingredients constitute the entire frame together as one mobile mixing station main structure.
The control room at the bottom of the main chassis, built-in mixing station automatic control system, control system and stationary mixing plants the same work as the state control room before the anchor of the entire station, control room when the transportation transition Collapse Favorites inside the stent within the space; all of its control lines without disassembly.
The cement silo and screw conveyor, are integral parts of a peripheral member, whether working or transport, it can be disassembled without the overall transport, disassembly.

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