European version of efficient crusher application, use and technical characteristics

1, The scope of use
The main purpose of this european version of efficient crusher is for the grinding and processing of materials such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, and mines. It can be used to grind quartz, feldspar, calcite, marble, ceramics, iron ore, copper ore, dry coal, phosphate ore, granite, Basalt stone, silicon carbide, various corundum, heat preservation materials and other types of brittle non-inflammable and explosive materials with hardness below 9 are processed.
2, Use
Power plant desulphurization: The machine needs to use a vibrating screen according to the customer’s needs to grind limestone powder into fines less than 2mm or less than 1mm.
Quartz sand (silica sand, foundry sand, abrasive abrasive sand, etc.): Up to 70% of 0-3 mm fine sand in stone after one-time comminution.
Crusher: This machine is used for fine grinding before the ball mill, which can increase the production efficiency of the ball mill by 50%.
Refractory bricks, unburned bricks, and masonry bricks: The crushed raw materials of this machine are used to produce the best particle grading for unfired bricks and hollow blocks.
Fine powder: When the machine is equipped with a vibrating screen to produce fine powder, the output is 130%-140% higher than that of Raymond.
3, Technical characteristics
(1) Multi-use of one machine: This machine can produce various granular products after the closed-circuit production line is formed by supporting equipment.
(2) High efficiency: The efficiency of the milling and sand production is higher than that of ball mills, Raymond mills, and vertical mills.
(3) High wear-resistant material utilization: The hammer of the machine plate is evenly worn, and the grinding depression of the roller center of Raymond Mill has to be replaced.
(4) Low failure rate: The special hammer mechanism and seal of this model make it more stable and durable than Raymond.

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