European version of fine crusher machine installation, debugging

(1) Preparation of the European version of the crusher mill before installation
The installation base of the crusher should have a sufficient height and installation location. The crusher should be based on high standards of cement and steel before it is buried and buried in pipes or cable trench threads. Cast-in-place concrete is better and must have a 15 day maintenance period.
4 to 5 tons of lifting gear should be installed and maintained.
When the fine crusher is shipped from the factory to use for more than 6 months, the host system, transmission, and cylinder oil pump should be cleaned and inspected. After inspection, all parts cleaned should be filled with enough lubricating oil.
(2) European version of fine crusher installation
First, press the installation foundation map to hit the cement foundation, pay attention to the position and size of the anchor bolts, pay attention to control a certain height, and then use the spirit level to correct the upper plane. Feeder must be installed to ensure continuous feed.
(3) Fine crusher debugging (empty operation test machine)
1. Trial air empty pilot for at least 10 minutes: The host should run smoothly and the bearing room temperature must not exceed 50°C. 30 minutes after the test machine, the fasteners were tightened in turn and tightened three times in a row to be put into normal use. After normal production, it should be checked once a week to avoid bolt looseness and loss.
2. The load operating time is not less than 8 hours. After the normal operation of the fine crusher, the whole machine is free from any abnormal movement noise before it can be used normally.

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