Examination and preparing work of JDC350 drum mixer

JDC350 drum mixer of examination and preparing work before test run
1, check the power supply voltage, JDC350 mixer rated voltage is 380 v, the pressure drop shall not be greater than 5%.
2, check the box and the power supply electrical wiring is in line with the requirements, grounding are in good condition, ensure the safety, and then switched on.
3, check the reducer oil, lubricating oil and the unqualified should complement or replace in a timely manner.
4, note in the butter cups come on the part of the lubricating oil.
5, check JDC350 mixer of various solid solid, tighten the loose pieces.
6, check whether the wire rope is tight on the drum, if there are any loose disorder should be back around the well.
Should be prepared before 7, through water storage containers and placed near the water pump, the suction valve into the container.JDC350 mixer used in water quality should be kept clean.

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