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Double shaft concrete mixer is a dominant model of the mixer, therefore, compares the horizontal-axis concrete mixer technology at home and abroad extensive, in-depth research.Zhengzhou Great Wall concrete mixer device is convenient for the customer’s use and also ran out of the henan mixer’s reputation, many provinces with equipment or agents used in henan province machine manufacturer production equipment of the Great Wall.Zhengzhou Great Wall technology innovation is not the shape of the mixer themselves more beautiful, but inside the machine technology innovation, make equipment more convenient to use, humanized operation more obvious.When many clients to visit the factory not only for the appearance of mixer device to watch, the equipment is used to use, not to enjoy, so must first from the technical aspects.
Henan region of concrete mixer industry in constant development in recent years, all over the country market with the use requirement and enlargement of scope, performance requirements for equipment use also constantly improve, innovation, henan machinery company follow the tide, the success of a series of concrete production equipment research and development and yield are marks of my company’s technology innovation.Follow the development of infrastructure construction industry in our country, our country construction materials have been development, only by constantly improve innovation to capture the market in production technology, concrete mixer is becoming more and more widely applied in the field.From the use of market, can see the importance of it, and technical innovation to the development of the market as the guidance idea, adjust technology in the process of development, ready for the future competition in the market in advance.
It can be divided into the single horizontal-axis forced concrete mixer with double shaft, it is not just the different name, single horizontal spindle with double shaft in mixing performance, wear resistance, discharge performance, load characteristics and transmission system is different, so the user is in when buying must carefully distinguish between the two models is a mixer, again to choose the appropriate machine.Forced concrete mixer is generally have a leg, so the user is in when installation must pay attention to the foundation.
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Forced concrete mixer, concrete mixer, also called project is JS series concrete mixer, CamelWay Machinery production with JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 models of mixer.This series of mixer mixing efficiency is very high, mixing performance is also very good, can mix concrete, due to its production efficiency is high, so each kind of type concrete mixer can be combined with a concrete batching machine to match of different concrete mixing station, very suitable for large and medium-sized, larger demand for concrete engineering use.

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