Forced Concrete mixer working attention

1, according to the ratio of the concrete judgement water supply, and renew scheduling time point and the corresponding water moment;
2, concrete mixer mixing motor operation;
3, close the discharging door, attend the mixture inside the hopper, hopper.Hopper should be smooth operation and can be freely in any position of the track in a row.If there are skid phenomenon, should be the hopper into the pit, and then adjust the brake motor big nut.After marching hopper is normal, reliable braking to stir cylinder is feeding the claims within the pump to the mixing drum water supply;
4, after the concrete mixer mixing 25 to 35 s, advocating discharging discharging door;
5, try in the above-mentioned work, in the process of abnormal situation is found, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, troubleshooting, and then in the experiments, until the normal continuous.After a day’s concrete mixer, new assignments using transform plate bolts and other places, fastening nut all inspection.Transmission oil lubrication lubrication part.
plane mixer
Forced mixer to use for a long period of time, and its protection maintenance inseparable, people in forced mixer must do care, to a certain extent can progress the using life of equipment and cutting machine faults occurred frequency, technical personnel according to many years of research summarized the forced mixer on common sense.
concrete batching plant
Each forced mixer operation has been completed, forced mixer as personnel should tidy up maintenance projects:
1 pack forced mixer mixing tank wall inside and outside of formation, discharging mouth, forced mixer mixing shaft and unloading concrete residue on the door, water will be the local scour clean, put a few stones and water when necessary stir for a few minutes after release.Water washing the car, admixture and its supply system.
(2) the frozen season, forced mixer finished homework should be put to the best of the pump, admixture pump, water tank, additives, water, admixture residual water pipeline, additives, in case of damage to the pump and pipeline, and a water pump of admixture pump work 1 to 2 minutes.

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