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Forced type concrete mixer can be divided into two types. One is twin shaft concrete mixer and the other is planetary concrete mixer. Their working principles are very similar. They both mix concrete through the rotation of the shaft. Meanwhile the blades attached to the shaft are just like many hands to mix the concrete more homogeneous. The difference between them is that twin shaft concrete mixer has two horizontal shafts while the planetary concrete mixer has one vertical concrete mixer.
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1. Twin shaft concrete mixer
On the other aspect, the mixing blades of twin horizontal shaft concrete mixer rotate reversely. The blades mix materials repeatedly to make the materials more homogeneous. In this fierce process of rotation, it saved much more time. Therefore, the twin shaft concrete mixer is featured by high efficiency and low time-consuming. This concrete mixer is widely used in the whole world for it is more cost effective.
2. Planetary concrete mixer
However, for planetary concrete mixer, the two groups of mixing blades mix materials pros and cons. The revolution and rotation speed of the blades give the mixer a high output without causing the segregation of materials with different grain size and weight. The movement of the material inside the trough is smooth and continuous. This concrete mixer is featured by high efficiency, high quality and low maintenance. The concrete it produces is with higher quality. But the price of it is very expensive.
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