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Signing of Grant Agreement with Kribati: Repairing an Island lifeline causeway as disaster resilient infrastructure.

On July 26, the Japan International Cooperation Acency (JICA) signed a grant agreement with the government of the Republic of Kribati to provide grant aid of up to 3.805 billion yen for the Project for Reconstruction of Nippon Causeway.

The Nippon causeway is the only road connecting Bairikj Isle, home to many residents. The effects of aging and tidal waves have caused large-scale destruction to the road. Severely hindering the flow of goods and making it difficult to ensure safe passage. Given this background this project will carry comprehensive repairs on the causeway to ensure a safe lifeline for residents. Thereby contributing to the socioeconomic development of the country.

The Republic of Kribati is composed of 33 atolis interpersed in the Pasific Ocean near equator. Despite having the third largest exclusive economic zone (3.55 million square kilometers) in the world. The causeway and other transportation infrastructure for movement between the islands are inadequate to support the lives and economic activities of residents due to geographical conditions. As as result, the Goverment of Kribati has positioned infrastructure improvements as an important part of its ‘’Kribati Development Plan 2016 to 2019’’ and has prioritized efforts to reconstruct roads and other such infrastructure that have become problematic in recent years.
It is expected that this project will completely eliminate travel restrictions on roads and double the average speed of travelling vehicle from the current limited speed to 40 kilometers per hour, and facilitate the safe and smooth movement of people and goods year-round.

Camelway has provided 1 unit HZS35 QUICK MASTER Compact Batching Plant for this prestigious project. Among the wide range of Camelway equipment, the company has chosen HZS35 Quick Master Compact Concrete Batching Plant with a real capacity of 30 m³/h due to its very compact design. The plant is equipped with skip bucket to transfer aggregate to the mixer and 750/500 l. Elkon pan mixer to produce high quality vibrated concrete.

So, one more very special project in the world will be supplied concrete by Camelway concrete batching plant.

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