Hammer crusher features, common faults and treatment methods

First, hammer crusher features:
1, the work of the hammer, using a new casting process, with wear and impact resistance.
2, according to customer requirements, adjust the required granularity.
3, Hammer broken body structure seal, to solve the crushing plant dust pollution and body ash leakage problems.
4, hammer mill overall design attractive appearance, compact structure, fewer wearing parts, easy maintenance and other advantages, is the upgrading of products.
Second, hammer crusher common faults and processing:
(1) Bearing high temperature:
1, grease is too long, lack of grease, due to contamination and deterioration, too much grease, the solution is to regularly check, to make up for lack of grease, for dirty bearings should be promptly replaced Especially when adding, pay attention to adding proper amount of grease. It should be 50% of the space volume.
2, the bearing is broken. The solution is to replace it in time.
(2) Less finished products:
1. It may be caused by non-standard operation and non-uniform feeding. The solution is to regulate the operation, adjust the speed and quantity of feeding.
2. Screen gaps inside the machine may be blocked. The solution is to immediately stop the inspection, if any blockage should immediately clear the blockage.
(3) The granularity of the finished product is too large:
1. due to a long period of work did not do a regular inspection and there is a serious hammer wear or broken screen bar. The solution is: should do a good job of maintenance, replace the hammer or sieve bar.
(4) A knocking sound inside the machine:
1. Non-crushed material enters the inside of the machine. The solution is to try to deal with raw materials without being mixed, and immediately shut down when problems occur, and do a good job of cleaning the crushing chamber.
2. Due to the long working hours, the fasteners of the liner loosened, the hammer hit the liner, and the parts in the machine may be broken. The solution is to do a good job of the maintenance work in the later period, carry out regular inspections, reinforce loose parts, and replace worn and problematic parts.
(5) The body vibrates:
1. When the hammerhead is replaced, or the hammerhead wears seriously, the static balance of the rotor does not meet the requirements. The solution is to select the hammer heads according to the weight of the machine design according to the specifications of the machine, so that the total weight of the hammers on each hammer axis is equal to the total weight of the hammers on the countershaft, that is, the static balance meets the requirements.
2. the body’s hammer breaks, so that the rotor imbalance, and then the pin is bent, broken. The solution is to replace the hammer head and pin.
3. The anchor bolts that hold the entire body loose. The solution is to do regular maintenance and tighten loose bolts.
(6) The elastic coupling produces a knocking sound:
1, pin loose. The solution is to park and tighten the pin nuts.
2, elastic ring wear. The solution is to replace the elastic ring.

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