Hammer crusher operation rules

First, preparation of hammer crusher before work
1, Check that all fastening bolts are in good condition.
2, check the crushing cavity for any foreign body.
3, the signal is normal.
4, check the belt under the relaxation of pressure, no damage to the belt surface.
5, bearing seat lubrication, seal intact.
6, The base base is not welded off, and the motor’s bolt top rod works.
7, Make sure the magnet is installed at the feeding port.
8, Check that the hammer wear condition is kept within 30% of the total volume.
9, in the case of complete power off, to enter the plate feeder, roller feeder, crusher, check for foreign matter, if there is to be cleaned in time.
Second, test run
1, first send a drive signal, to wait until the first rotor, the second rotor fully turned plate feeder can be opened, roller feeder, plate feeder must first open 5-10Hz, wait until the material into the crusher 1 to 2 minutes, When the full load of 5Hz is added to the central control, the plate feeder frequency is about 35Hz, and the rated current of the motor is kept at about 80%.
2, no vibration abnormal operation and abnormal sound.
3, Whether the belt is slippery or burnt.
4, body, motor without shift.
5, no leakage of equipment.
Third, operations and precautions
1. Feeding is even and continuous and the material is distributed as far as possible at the feeding port in case of unstable motor load.
2. It is forbidden to have iron and other materials that cannot be broken into the machine to avoid damage to the equipment and accidents.
3. when the crusher is running, the staff can not stand in the rotor inertia force line, and is strictly prohibited to carry out any cleaning, adjustment, inspection and other work, so as to avoid danger.
4. During the production process, the upper bearing temperature of the plate feeder, roller feeder, and crusher should be monitored at any time. It should not exceed 80°C (outdoor temperature plus 40°C). Stop immediately and notify the machine repair to handle it properly.
5. The face of the hammerhead is divided into five equal parts, and wear to 3/5 changes the surface.
6. Check that the hammer wear condition is kept within 30% of the total weight.
7. The gap between the purlins should be 3-4 cm away from the highest working surface when the hammer is working, and should not exceed 5 cm. It should be adjusted at any time according to the wear conditions.
8. When replacing the hammerhead, it is necessary to weigh, put the weight in the middle, put lightly on both sides, and the total weight deviation per row does not exceed 3kg.
9. When processing bearing temperatures are too high, do not use water cooling. After a period of use, it was found that the temperature was too high, there are basically three reasons: bearing oil is too dirty, too much, too little. The treatment is to open the bearing cap, clean it with diesel oil and refuel it.
10. It is estimated that parking should be stopped in time when the parking time exceeds 40 minutes.
Fourth, parking
1. After stopping the feeding, allow the crusher to continue operating for 2-3 minutes until the material left in the crushing chamber is crushed; cut off the power of the crusher.
2. Clean the equipment after the job is completed.
3. the operator carefully fill in the shift record.

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