High efficiency fine crusher test, operation and maintenance

1. Commissioning After the crusher is installed and qualified, the commissioning can be carried out:
(1) Turn the V-belt and rotate the main bearing for 2-3 turns to confirm that the machine has no obstacles before starting the motor;
(2) No-load continuous operation for 2-4 hours, shutdown inspection, normal temperature rise of bearing (below 70°C), tight connection of all parts, no abnormal phenomenon.
2. operation and maintenance
(1) Do not allow hard objects such as iron blocks to enter the crusher during operation. If abnormal sound is detected, stop the machine immediately to check;
(2) Start-up sequence: Start the conveyor conveyor – start the smasher – start the feeder.
(3) Stop sequence: Turn off the feeder – turn off the shredder – close the discharge conveyor.
(4) Change shift requirements: High efficiency fine crusher is generally three shifts. When the shift is completed, it is required to open the side cover inspection, tighten the hammer bolts, and find that the hammer head can wear out or replace the new hammer head according to the situation to check the wear condition of the tweezers. Take a look at the condition of the equipment after the succession. After confirming that there are no problems, close the side cover and follow the sequence.
(5) If the size of the product is found to be thicker during the operation, it is mainly necessary to check the presence or absence of blemishes and blemishes.
(6) When replacing a stringer, the upper housing side cover needs to be opened, and the stringer can be removed and the stringer can be replaced.
(7) According to the nature of the materials, the requirements of the product particle size, and the wear of the wearable parts, establish a regular, large, medium, and small overhaul system to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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