High-quality concrete mixer features

Concrete mixer is a kind of machinery mixing the cement, aggregate and water mixture into concrete mixture. The concrete mixer includes a propeller shaft connected by a power mechanism and a drum, a rotary drum driven by a gear, a ring gear disposed around the drum, and a dial gear meshed with the ring gear on the propeller shaft. The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure of the concrete mixer, gears engaging the ring gear, and can effectively overcome the rainy weather and support the sliding between the roller and the mixing drum;

According to its discharging mode, concrete mixer can be classified into: rollover-type and non rollover-type. Rollover-type discharging by topping mixing drum, while the non rollover-type discharging by reversal mixing drum.


Briefly introduce the function of the concrete mixer as follows:

1, components macroscopically and microscopically uniform;

2, bad cement particle agglomeration can promote the development of the dispersion phenomenon;

3, The initial hydrate film coating on the cement particle surface;

4, Friction between the friction material between the concrete mixer friction collision, reduce the film;

5, The cross frequency of each unit body, height mixing time and movement trajectory participate in the movement, accelerating homogeneity.

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