High Quality Concrete Mixer

  1. Plate technology has greatly increased the mixing cylinder wear resistance and utmost prolongs the service life of the host.  js1500
  2. The mixing cylinder on the length is longer than similar manufacturers of equipment a quarter – a third, effectively guarantee the uniformity of mixing and the blending of finished product quality.
  3. The stirring arm with plug-in, replacing more convenient;Flow surface at the same time, the mixing section is big, can improve the production of 10-20%;
  4. Reducer with the shaft can effectively reduce the mixing console, and the mixing console running more stable and reliable, reduces the failure rate at the same time, ensure the equipment performance.
  5. Stir the host shaft end bearing external, not only convenient repair and maintenance, but also avoids the cylinder body mud immersion, effectively protect the bearings, and greatly improve the stability and longevity of the equipment .
  6. Synchronous gear with fully sealed oil lubrication effectively improve the efficiency of the lubrication, reduce the noise, and greatly extend the service life of the synchronous gear.  mixing blade

The equipment is simple, overall more flexible, convenient installation and relocation; the mixer with a safety switch ensure the life safety of the maintenance staff; On both sides of the mixing cylinder design a good platform for the maintenance and safety facilities.

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