High Quality Concrete Stirring Machine Made in China

1. Stir the host with the sixth generation of new force pattern and double shaft mixer, get free artificial cleaning, non-stick stirring shaft, non-stick mix cylinder cover;
2. Concrete hopper adopt wear-resisting technology design, durable;
3. The additive scales the seepage prevention technology, ensuring the security of the concrete production;
4. The water balance the pressure discharge water technology, easy to add and subtract water, ensure concrete slump control;
5. High degree of modular design, factory, installation and debugging;
6. Hopper not achieve adhering sand and fast discharge technology, stable and reliable;
7. Box-type bucket station set up new type of double rope for bucket device, has won the national patent.
8. The operation is simple, stable and reliable control system, production interface to simulate the actual production performance, straightforward, realize the whole process quality control of traceability, satisfy the high measuring accuracy of iron.
9. Environmental protection design concept, complete separation recycling reuse of residual concrete can be realized.
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