How About the Asphalt Concrete Batching plant

Competitive advantage:
1, inherit and carry forward the WBZ series stabilized soil mixing station all the competitive advantage;
2, adopting secondary mixing technology, ensures the stir a long enough time, greatly improving the product material qualitative, stir well and at the same time in the secondary mixing console is set above the bidirectional belt machine, let the equipment can be stabilized soil mixing station, realize one machine amphibious;
3, emulsified asphalt pipeline specially designed to ensure that the emulsified asphalt evenly sprayed on the material, effectively eliminate the phenomenon of flower material;
4, emulsified asphalt measuring target flowmeter + frequency control of motor speed technology, measurement accuracy can be controlled in + / – 1%;
5, reducing powder blending scale technology (national patent), two sets of measurement system, measurement accuracy, high stability;
6, the overall layout of equipment is flexible, can according to customer’s site situation for one word or L decorate.
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