How can i maintain a concrete plant properly

1,Ensure that the machine and the surrounding environment clean. 2, in time to clear the accumulation of material within the hopper, so that the sensor back to normal. 3, check the lubrication point of the oil is sufficient, the gas system in the oil mist should keep enough oil. 4, check the motor, electrical overheating, abnormal noise, whether the normal instructions, the signal system is intact. 5, often check the adjustment of the cylinder, butterfly valve and electromagnetic valve, so that open and close meet the requirements. 6, often check the system often, if there is leakage of dust, leakage, oil leakage and leakage phenomena such as timely treatment. 7, mixer and hopper should be cleaned once every four hours, so as to avoid residual concrete consolidation, hinder the normal operation. 8, each class should be free air compressor, gas tank and filter and other internal water, and remove the operation of the failure. 9, butterfly valve, mixer, electromagnetic valve, air filter and oil mist, etc., in accordance with the instructions for maintenance.

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