How can the small concrete mixing plant be properly commissioned?

Small concrete mixing plant is widely used in the presence of highways, bridges, power stations, dams and other projects engineering construction field operations. While also restructuring according to the special requirements to meet user needs. So when the concrete mixing plant is installed, it’s time to debug the equipment, the question is, how to how to properly debug it?

First emergency button is reset when the debug control system, on the electric power supply cabinet disclosure off, after turning on each branch circuit breaker closing order, the control circuit power switch, the power switch control chamber, there was observed no abnormal electrical system, If the air pressure to meet the requirements of the button after the start in accordance with the button to start the gas control door, check the action (if the air pressure to meet the requirements of the button after the start of the gas control door, check the action of the motor, Whether the flexibility; the computer to zero and adjust the sensitivity; check the air compressor switch is normal, barometer display is correct, the safety valve to adjust the standard range; the mixer to test run to see if there is abnormal sound, the various components Whether it is working properly; in the commissioning of the belt when the need for operation, in the course of operation to check whether the operation of the roller is flexible, to carefully observe the belt, can not have swing, deviation, grinding, slipping, deformation, etc.; be sure to press the debugging concrete batching what ingredients button to see if flexible and Configuration accuracy, then debug reference formulation.

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