How do I maintenance concrete plant in winter

There are two parts of the concrete batching plan are pretty important,the engine and the compressor.users better keep their own concrete batching plant in good condition at winter,next we are about to stress on this issue and introduce you some basic method to maintain you equipment.
1.add enough lubrication oil to the engine,make sure the engine won’t produce too much friction.if the friction coefficient are too high it probably will make some abrasion to the engine.
2.Clean you batch plant regularly.the residue water on the surface of concrete batching plant or in the gas supply system may get the machine rusted,so you need wipe them off of you equipment.
3.At the end of the construction of concrete mixing plant, it is necessary to clean up the sandstone or the remaining material in the warehouse so as not to delay the production of next day.
4.Before and after production, users should timely clean of the gravel on the roller so as not to produce sharp ice objects that scratch the belt.
hzs60 batch plant

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