How exactly the concrete batch plant work?

How exactly the concrete batch plant work?concrete batch plant ,or you may call it concrete plant is a construction equipment that used to mix various ingredients to produce concrete you want.
The main ingredients include sand,cement,aggregates,fly ash etc.
There are two types of concrete plants
Ready mix plants (A ready mix plant combines all ingredients except for water at  the concrete plant. This mixture is then discharged into a ready mix  truck (also known as a concrete transport truck). Water is then added to the mix in the truck and mixed during transport to the job site) 
a.Central mix plants.(A central mix plant combines some or all of the above ingredients  (including water) at a central location. The final product is then  transported to the job site. Central mix plants differ from ready mix  plants in that they offer the end user a much more consistent product,  since all the ingredient mixing is done in a central location and is  computer-assisted to ensure uniformity of product.)

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