How Many Mixers the Large Construction Needs?

Choosing the mixer need take into account the size of the construction site. If the construction is 570,000 square meters, we should set up how many mixers. Today, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery manufacture will give you the answer.

conxrete mixer

If the space is larger, you can choose a big mixer with strong production capacity. If the construction site is small, you can choose two sets of mixer. In general, the annual output of 200,000 m3, the productivity of concrete mixer is generally not less than 90 m3 / h. Annual output of 300,000 m3, the productivity of concrete mixing equipment in general is 120 m3 / h; Annual output over 300,000 m3, concrete mixing equipment productivity in general is 150 m3 / h or 200 m3 / h. So the construction need at least 2 sets of host JS1000-1500, with 2400 ingredients machine, 4 sets of 100 tons of cement tank. However, you can choose a set of JS750, a set of 1200 batching machine, a 60 tons of cement tank; a set of JS500, a set of 1200 batching machine, a 60 tons of cement tank. Considering the area of construction, you can use two sets of mixer to produce.

Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery manufacture are specialized in the production of concrete mixer for several years and produced concrete mixer will satisfy your different requirements. If you have any questions, you can make contact with us.

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