How Many Weeks to Maintain a Concrete Mixing Station

Daily normal operation of the engineering concrete mixing station lies in the regular maintenance and protection of concrete mixing station. In order to guarantee the normal operation of the concrete mixing station equipment, and give full play to its efficiency, the mixing station equipment should be repaired and protected regular.

concrete batching plant

  1. To check engineering concrete mixing station before each working. To check air compressor, water pump, mixing console blade, electrical devices, limit switch and reducer.
  2. Keep maintenance in each shift. Clean up the product material inside and outside the concrete mixer; All lubricating points filling lubricating oil.
  3. Weekly inspection and maintenance.
  4. Check and do the maintenance every four weeks. Check the belt tension of concrete mixing station, and appropriate adjustments. Check the blade and liner wear. Check the upper and lower frame, bin, big inclined belt conveyor parts such as joint bolt. Check whether there is the agglomeration and sundry in concrete mixing station equipment – screw conveyor.
  5. Every year to domaintenance and overhaul on the engineering concrete mixing station.

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