How much capacity of batching machine does Js1000 type mixer need?

How much capacity of batching machine does Js1000 type mixer need to match?Luliang mixing plant covers an area of 60?Js1000 type mixer batching machine is pld1600 complete series, mixing station is composed of 50 or 60 mixing plant mixing station, the biggest difference is that the two feeding way is different, with ascension pull feeding station, 50 to 60 station using belt conveyor feeding.After have a further understanding of concrete mixing station, customers choose to buy hzs60 concrete mixing station.
Luliang customers in the local contract for a project, according to the size of the quantity, the need to build a hzs60 concrete mixing station to meet every day of the materials demand, therefore, the customer looked at more than a dozen manufacturers of concrete mixing station and also to zhengzhou to visit several times, eventually more recognition of zhengzhou Camelwaymachinery product quality and after-sales service station, and we signed a contract, is expected to begin in May well.
1600batching machine
Henan CamelWay building machine is a professional manufacturer of mixer equipment, our company is attaches great importance to the customer for the work of cleaning the forced concrete mixer, the first is a working period, mixer host should be cleaned at least once.After the production, every day should be made for blender host comprehensive cleaning, the method is: in the process of cleaning, within the host will be a little stones into the water and stirring 5 ~ 10 min, after cleaning the machine inner material removed, all can not have water, product;Down again after flushing pipe, remove the drum inside and outside the dust and adhesion of the concrete.
In general, JS1000 type mixing console about 150 ~ 180 kg of water, other types of host can increase or decrease accordingly, also can bring your own water cannons to clean up.When washing mixing console material door, should avoid to be washed down from the upper to form foreign body card material door phenomenon.Mixing process, if the concrete truck is not in place for a long time (more than 20 ~ 30 min, especially in summer), should add water mixer for easy cleaning.During normal production, check regularly within the mixing barrel and mixing shaft concrete solidification condition, if there is any condensation should be manually removed as required.Before manually from the mixing barrel, must cut off power supply, gas path, put the net gas, lock the control room;Manually from the mixing barrel, it is strictly prohibited to violent percussion stirring shaft and the mixing blades, stirring arm.
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