How Much is the Power of Concrete Mixer

People often consult the question: “what kind of mixer the building need” or ” how much is the power of concrete mixer? Today, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will give you answers.

concrete mixer

Concrete mixer is divided into different types, such as JDC, JS types, different types of concrete mixer also are not identical model. A concrete mixer generally have three motor including mixing motor, lifting motor and water pump motor. Below is the power of a different type of mixer: JS500, mixer power 18.5 KW, lifting motor power 5.5 KW, pump power 750 w, total power 24.75 KW; JS750, mixer 30 KW power, winch power 7.5 KW, 1.1 KW water pump power, total power 38.6 KW; JS1000, blender power 37 kw, 11 kw winch power, pump power 3 kw, total power 51 kw; JS1500, mixer 45 KW power, winch power 18.5 KW, 3 KW water pump power, total power 66.5 KW; JS2000, mixer power 75 kw, winch power 22 kw, 4 kw water pump power, total power of 101 kw.

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