How much money biaxial forced concrete mixer

At present, the concrete mixing floor (station) on the use of mixer has since fall type such as double cone tilting type, double cone of tilting pattern and force pattern such as uniaxial force pattern, disc type, etc., are varied.But one of the more common in addition to the double cone from falling, is the disc forced mixer.Disc mixer compared with since the fall of, with high efficiency, wide range of mixing (can not only stir stir plasticity, low flow and harsh concrete, but also mixing glass, fertilizer and other composite materials) as well as the advantages of uniform mixing.But there is a small capacity, it can stir the aggregate particle size smaller and quick wear of blade plate, etc.Abroad, especially in Western Europe, therefore, some countries forced mixer for the many aspects of long-term exploration and research, manufacture a variety of models, and achieved some results.
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When we buy a forced concrete mixer, if want from equipment quality, plate thickness, technical content is difficult to distinguish the quality stand or fall of forced mixer, the Great Wall built machines to teach you from mixer appearance to distinguish good or bad, this method is easy to learn, and relatively accurate.Discern the stand or fall of forced mixer, first of all, want to see the appearance, see whether mixer spray evenly, whether there is leakage spray, mixed color, see if that spray paint the blade, see if there is a safety alert symbol, is obvious.Next, want to see the details;To see there is welding quality of weld, crack, arc pit, porosity, inclusions and so on is uneven, cannot have too many unqualified place, it is the key users to focus on;Finally, to see whether there is a packing housings, whether there is a obvious hammer mark, whether the installation fastening, etc.Through the above three aspects we can be very simple and easy to distinguish the stand or fall of forced concrete mixer, especially the second way is the most of, so the user can refer to the above method to distinguish.
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At present our factory set up the host of the concrete mixing station is mostly shi cosmos forced mixer (user also can choose my company’s homemade JS1500 mixing console) to improve performance of products.This machine adopts the unique intelligent lubrication system, optimize the design.Hydraulic discharging door block feeding to prevent blockage when discharging, discharging door automatic/manual choice, under the power cuts and other emergency fault can be manually open the door.New type mixer, mixing device, transmission device, by mixing cylinder, hydraulic pump station, automatic lubrication device and belt cover and other parts;In addition, the aggregate feeding system adopts big dip Angle belt conveyor, compact structure, reliable performance, and the frame on both sides with maintenance walkways, repair, maintenance is convenient.Shaft end seal using automatic lubrication system, lubrication system using imported components.
Zhengzhou CamelWay machine manufacturing co., LTD is specializing in the production of various types of henan area forced concrete mixer, forced mixer type is complete, the excellent equipment design, enjoy extensive reputation in the country, welcome new and old customers to negotiate business.

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