How Much Water is Consumed in Concrete Mixing Station

Concrete mixing station use a lot of water to scour mixer and cement tanker every day. And the water of washing equipment rich in cement, aggregate, impurities, additive, etc.So it need to be addressed by allocating together. Repeated cyclic utilization to reduce water consumption.  CamelWay Machinery

From the perspective of environmental protection, clean water has strong alkaline cement mortar or concrete, high PH, indiscriminate discharge will pollute the environment.So a good way to handle it, applying sewage circulation is very necessary.

Vehicle cleaning station is one of the largest item. Assume that  a truck washed with water 1-2T, washed 2-3 times a day, with a plan for the middle station everyday use 20 cars, for example, a day with water to 40-120T. Rinse water recycling is very conducive to environmental protection and saving water.

To completely solve the problem of wastewater emissions in concrete mixing station we designed a mixing plant sewage circulation system. Now a lot of manufacturers use our equipment in production.

Some products are exported to Vietnam, Laos, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Cuba, Brazil and other countries, being highly praised by foreign friends. If you want to know more information about the equipment or buy it, you can contact us. We will try our best to service for you.

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