How the summer concrete mixers are hot

Summer season, with the hot weather is also more and more in the concrete mixer in the construction need to do a good job of anti-high temperature work, so you can prevent the machine failure and good staff work heatstroke. Xiaobian and we share the following hot weather Production Precautions for Concrete Mixing Plant.

The first is the staff of the concrete mixer heatstroke work, reasonable arrangements for working time, reduce labor intensity, such as forklift drivers should pay attention to heatstroke work, try to avoid the highest temperature every day when the work, every time the need for drinking water, staff alternately. Avoid high temperature weather at noon. Try to shorten the working hours to bring the heatstroke drugs such as people Dan, cool oil, essential oil, etc. Implementation of each worker’s summer cooling items.If the emergence of heat stroke should be promptly treated, rest.

And then the venue of the heatstroke work, because the concrete mixer are generally working in the open air, so every hour to need to sprinkle the site to reduce the relative temperature of the entire environment.To stir the concrete required water should be guaranteed in the normal water temperature , So as to ensure the quality of the concrete produced. All the equipment to avoid the sun exposure, ground inspection of the electrical circuit, the need to refuel the place to refuel, look at the motor heat dissipation, to prevent the motor overheating caused the motor burned. Concrete mixer should be a period of time to stop for a while in the transport of concrete mixer should also be timely maintenance, as far as possible in the car in a cool and ventilated environment, check the tire, to the concrete tanker cooling.Construction of concrete mixing time should be timely refueling The

On the other hand have to do a good job of concrete mixing station fire work, hot weather hot weather, fire extinguishers should be checked and other fire equipment, concrete mixing station to do the emergency plan.

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