How to build a karoo environmentally-friendly batch plant?

The characteristics of the environment-friendly mixing station are as follows:
First, zero dust emissions (Main building, powder tank dust collection effect is good)
Second, no noise pollution (Loader, ash car noise processing)
Third, zero discharge of waste (sewage reuse, waste recycling)
Fourth, the quality is more stable (closed yard, consistent moisture content, easy to control the slump)
Fifth, the cost is lower (to achieve “0” emissions, will greatly reduce production costs, turning waste into treasure)

The unique design of environmental mixing plant:
1. Closed stock yard: It can meet the closed space for the stacking and transshipment of the aggregate (including sand and stone) of the mixing plant. The discharge of dust and noise in the stockyard meets the stipulated standards.
2. The main building overall packaging: mixing plant main building exterior packaging, dust, noise reduction, beautiful design atmosphere, highlighting the green.
3. Aggregate automatic feeding system: When the gravel material is loaded at night, the loader is cancelled, and the automatic material feeding system for aggregate classification is used to realize that the night mixing plant is unguarded and operates normally.
4. Dust Collection System: Compulsory dust collection and bag collection, which can meet the active disposal of dust at the dust emission points of the mixing plant.
5. Zero discharge of waste water from waste water: It can meet the collection and reuse of various waste water discharge points in the mixing plant. 100% of the waste is recycled and 100% of the waste water is recovered.
6. Automatic car wash device: It can meet the automatic cleaning of the concrete transport truck in the mixing plant, and achieve 100% recycling of waste water waste slurry waste after cleaning.
7. Powder tank overpressure safety system: It is used for safety protection when the pressure in the powder silo is high, so that the powder tank does not fall and the dust does not discharge.

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