How to choose a host of concrete batching plant can achieve desired production efficiency?

Concrete mixer work actually is a very simple process, as long as pay attention to small details, returned to a very simple operation, but if he does not pay attention to will bring a lot of trouble, have what kind of details?We will explain for you.Before the first concrete mixer work requires the parts of a blender check this is an essential step, found a safety hazard or not working place must timely maintenance and update, and then check the placement of mixer is smooth, the power wiring is correct;Check whether all the parts need to add the lubricating oil have been added;To review the fluctuation of supply voltage, cannot exceed 5% of the rated, motors and electrical components of the connection must be strong, protect by zero or grounding resistance in accordance with regulations.
Before working, concrete mixer have to idle running for a while, observe whether everything is normal, if the normal began to put material, put material too average speed, not too slow or too fast;Put material in a certain operating personnel must pay attention to safety, don’t turn your head or hand into mixing barrel, tools, of course, also can’t into;Work that the concrete mixer malfunction must stop after all the materials within the mixing barrel after unloading out for repair;When adding new material must be within the mixing drum mixer in the original material after unloading out entirely in add, pay attention to not overload;After work tell blender clean is a must, if mixer temporarily don’t work to do a good job, rain, lightning protection power supply must be pulled out and safekeeping, in case of water.
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High efficiency, high productivity and high quality is the customer’s requirements, each concrete mixing station which of course is becoming more and more high to the requirement of mixing console.The mixing of concrete mixing station users should be how to choose a host can achieve desired production efficiency?First of all, should consider the effects of mixing console when discharging to the user, the greater the capacity of mixing console discharging speed is faster, but mixing transporter feed speed is slow, which can cause concrete spillover, so a user when choosing mixing console, should choose concrete mixing console Settings below finished product storage hopper, such not only can solve the concrete spillover phenomenon, still can save truck waiting time.
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