How to Choose Appropriate Mixer for Construction

For concrete mixer with diversification of the type, choose suits own is definitely a big problem. So we how to choose appropriate concrete mixer in architectural engineering model, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will tell you.

concrete mixer

1, according to the design of the concrete type selection:

Mixing concrete in plastic or plastic type, appropriate chooses the mixer. Such as mixing concrete for high strength, harsh, or for lightweight concrete, appropriate chooses forced mixer.

2, according to the material component:
When choosing concrete mixer, we must first confirm that the mixer is the difference between the materials, some dry powder, some liquid, some the solid-liquid mixture, so long as you know the difference of materials, you can narrow the scope of application.

  1. according to the concrete mixer stirring rate and duration :
    Concrete Engineering with large and long duration should use a medium or large stationary concrete mixer or mixing station, which can increase the stirring speed, so as not to affect the progress of construction. Such as small quantities of concrete and short duration, should be selected small and medium sized mobile mixer.
  2. according to the composition and properties of concrete consistency:
    Such as mixing concrete consistency and small aggregate size is large, you should use larger capacity self-loading mixer. Consistency when stirred as large aggregate sizes large concrete mixing tube should be selected from the drop faster speed mixer. Consistency as large aggregate sizes hour, should use compulsory mixer or the small-capacity cone reversal discharging mixer.

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