How to choose the optimal configuration of commercial concrete station

General commodity concrete mixing station efficiency for production equipment models, HZS90 stand productivity is 90 m after/h.The productivity is the theory of productivity, due to the actual production process will encounter a number of factors, the actual productivity is generally about 70% of the theory of productivity.Determine the model should be in accordance with the size of the quantities, construction period, within the production capacity of equipment, to consider concrete amount of a certain period of time.

concrete batching plant

The current commercial concrete mixing plant is used double shaft mixer, the mixer compared with vertical shaft, stirring shaft rotational speed is low, the material moving distance is short, reduce blade liner wear and tear, reduce energy consumption.Due to give full play to the blade on the shear and compression of concrete, improve the mixing quality, mixing time 30 to 45 s.It is very important to select the appropriate commodity concrete mixing station.

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