How to Choose the Suitable Concrete Mixer Model?

The types of concrete mixer is diversified. So it is difficult to choose a suitable mixer. So how to choose appropriate concrete mixer in construction engineering, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will introduce it to you:

cocrete mixer

The choice of concrete mixer basically has three kinds: According to the design of the concrete type to choose. Mixing concrete in plastic or plastic type, appropriate chooses the gravity type concrete mixer. Such as mixing concrete for high strength, harsh, or lightweight concrete, appropriately chooses forced mixer. According to the material composition. When choosing concrete mixer, the first thing we need to confirm is the difference of blender material. Some have a plenty of dry powder, have a plenty of liquid, or still have a plenty of solid-liquid mixed, so just make sure the material difference, we can narrow the scope of application. According to the requirements of concrete mixer mixing speed and time limit for a project. According to the concrete characteristic and the consistency. Consistency of mixing concrete is small and aggregate size is big, appropriately chooses larger capacity of the gravity concrete mixer.

Above is four kinds of methods for everybody to choose the suitable concrete mixer models, for reference only. Learn more about concrete mixer relevant information,  please leave a message.

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